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Understanding BPH
What causes BPH? Why does BPH cause urinary symptoms? BPH and PCa
Why does BPH cause urinary symptoms?

As the glandular tissue within the prostate which surrounds the urethra enlarges, it is contained, to some degree, within the capsule of the prostate (the more dense outer “shell”) and the tissue therefore tends to compress in on the urethra causing it to narrow. This impinging extra tissue reduces urine flow and in some cases can interfer with sphincter function. In addition, as the prostate enlarges, it can protrude up into the bladder causing urine to pool in the bladder and prevent the full emptying of the bladder during urination. This condition con lead to bothersome urinary symptoms like frequency and urgency.  When the excess tissue is removed, the symptoms are alleviated.

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