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A Review of the Alternatives
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A Review of the Alternatives
Many BPH therapies have come and gone. For decades innovative physicians in conjunction with engineers have been attempting to develop a new BPH therapy provide clinical results that can compete with TURP but without the high complication rate. 
Clearly the TURP has set the bar high. More recently various therapies have been refined to the point where they are getting close to the bar, but it hasn’t been until recently that it appears the bar has actually been reached and lasers have done it. We got our first glimpse of that with the results that have been reported from HoLEP followed by green-light laser PVP. Now the thulium laser appears to be finally delivering the elusive results that have been sought for a very long time.
In these pages you can read about some of the various therapies that have been offered for treating BPH.