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BPH Treatments
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Microwave Therapy

As anyone who owns a microwave oven is well aware; microwaves can be used to cook tissue. Microwave therapy for BPH is commonly referred to by the acronym TUMT which stands for Trans-Urethral Microwave Thermotherapy. Like TUNA, TUMT is an outpatient procedure generally delivered in the doctor’s office. Also, like TUNA, TUMT involves the delivery of sufficient energy to heat the prostate to a temperature sufficient to cause necrosis. The killed tissue reabsorbs or sloughs thus reducing pressure on the urethra over time
TUMT is preferred by some over RF Ablation due to the fact that the catheter is smaller and no needles are extended into the prostate from within the urethra. However, the clinical results are delayed. Catheterization is required for days or weeks following the procedure and some discomfort following the procedure is not uncommon.

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