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Understanding BPH
What causes BPH? Why does BPH cause urinary symptoms? BPH and PCa
BPH and PCa

What is the Relationship between BPH and Prostate Cancer?
Although technically a very advanced prostate cancer could create BPH-like symptoms, there is no reason to assume that your urinary symptoms are related to prostate cancer. 70% of men 70-years of age or older will have symptoms associated with BPH. Only a very small percentage of these men will have a clinically significant prostate cancer (defined as prostate cancer that is likely to significantly shorten their life). There has been no causative relationship shown between BPH symptoms and prostate cancer. However, some of the same lifestyle habits such as high consumption of animal fats, have been associated with both conditions. More research is needed, however to determine what component of the animal fat-rich diets may be related to the higher incidence of both BPH and prostate cancer. Is it the fat, growth hormone residue or other factors? Insufficient data exists to know for sure. However, hormone levels have been associated with both conditions.

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